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Very flexible move in date. Trying to get someone in before next month 🤞 The room - Rent is ~$160p/W not including utilities - Bond is $670 - 1 year lease, great relationship with landlord. - The room is 3.8x 2.8m with ducted heating, a north facing window, and ~2m of built in wardrobe hanging space with a small vanity - the shared spaces in the house are fully furnished including couch, washing machine and dryer, and entertainment systems - your room will be empty - ducted heating is all throughout the house with an air con in the craft room ( we always have projects on the go 🎨) - medium sized back yard with a little veggie patch if you like to garden 🌱, a clothesline, and a lemon tree 😊 - we do have a shed however it is being used as a workshop so if you have tools or equipment we can make some space but can't afford to use it as storage. - street parking on a quiet road About us Charli (she/her) - 23 years old works as an accountant in Clayton with vague intentions of finishing a degree, spends most of her free time reading questionable literature,doing woodwork, and playing games. Has one cat (Bean) who is a sweetheart however struggles with other pets (sorry folks). Nut allergy, so we try to minimise them in the house as much as possible. Renee (She/her) - 24 working casually while finishing off uni (IT). Can usually be found working on one of her million projects, studying or harassing Charli's cat Bean. Usually down for a chat. Low-key sporty, currently into badminton, skating and bouldering. 🛼 We are a fairly open household as two queer women and are super accepting of any and all peeps. About you - we're preferably looking for women or other queer people around our age - capable of taking care of yourself and cleaning up to make sure the common spaces stay nice - is sociable, down to have a drink together every now and then, but can still respect our space as individuals 😊


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