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Hey there here’s a bit about us, we are David and Ella Age 32 & 33. We live in a 3 bedroom apartment our best friend moved out with her partner in to his house so we are looking for a new house mate as the rent is very high. We have a fully furnished and equipped home. I run my work from one room which is Hairstyling but I’m on the road more then I work at home. I’m home Monday -Thursday not working and working Friday-Sunday. David is currently in between jobs so time tables are due to change. We love to cook & socialise when we can, not many movie nights but lots of music day/nights. We are fairly simple with our lifestyle. Some times church on a Sunday. - our apartment is 5 to 10 minutes from every thing you need including the beach & the city. The freeway is a 1 minute drive Westgate & city link. Our apartment has a beach view as soon as you walk in, including the balcony in the bedroom you would stay in. The bedroom we are looking to rent has its own walk in wardrobe and bathroom with toilet & shower. We are on level 9. Our apartment is directly above alma restaurant (more private entrance also available) and below roof top Luna & sol pool. We have a pool area on level 2, gym, work area, private phone call booths, utilities such as roof top bbq areas, fire places, movie room, jacuzzi & table tennis all on premises. Plus one parking space in the building. - We are looking for a house mate who fits in with our life style. We wake up very early & sleep early. We are a household with Christian values but still very modern people. -


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