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Hi, my name is Katie (22F) and I live with two other people, Mia (20F) and Harry (21M). We are all third and fourth year students. We are looking for one more person to complete our home. We are a social and fun loving group. We also enjoy our own space and respect when others need theirs. We are an easy going house who is tidy and respectful. We are open to all genders, as long as you are tidy and happy to live in a social house we are pretty easy. We all have different schedules so everyone is in and out of the house but we love to hang out when we can. Our house is located in the North Geelong golf estate. The estate is quite nice and has a petrol station located at its entrance which is very convenient. We have a great view of the golf course which can be fun and interesting to watch. The house is in a great location with only a 5 minute drive into the Geelong waterfront, easy access to the highway to go to Melbourne or the beach. And who can go past a cheap Uber home on the weekend. We have Netflix and Stan on the TV. We also have a study area already set up for use if needed. The house is fully furnished, all you would need to bring is furniture for your room.

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