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Our building is a 6-apartment building, we're apartment 5 on the third floor. Our location is perfect, really close to the city where both my house-mate and I work. A 5-minute walk from Braybrook Home and Central West shopping centers, a 10-minute drive from Highpoint shopping centre. A 5-minute drive to Sunshine Train Station and 15 minutes from Footscray Train Station. It's a really quiet building, we barely hear from our neighbors unless we're saying hello in the stairwell. Huge open yard area and the whole grounds are fenced off. Tahlia - female, 21 years old. If you match the profile and are seriously interested in moving in soon then shoot me a text: 0497816447. I'm currently working as a receptionist at an accounting firm in South Melbourne and am completing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology at the University of Melbourne. I play basketball in two different leagues every Thursday and Sunday night. Piper - female, 21 years old. I'm currently working as an American Roulette dealer at Crown Casino. I've also almost completed a bachelor in forensic science at Deakin University. I have a 7-month kitten named Loki who lives with us. He is a very playful and curious tabby cat. We both met at high school and have lived together for the last 2 and a half years. The house is very quiet as we are both out of the house quite a bit between work, uni and our social lives. We would be more than comfortable with you having friends or partners over. We probably have friends over once a month and Tahlia has a partner who visits weekly.




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