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Hello everybody! One of our housemates got into med school and needs to move to Wollongong. ⚡️ The Details: Rent is $260 a week, paid fortnightly + bills. Bond is $1040. The room can either be furnished or unfurnished - we can negotiate this later. Available from 8th Feb! 🛏 About the House & Your Room: Alice Palace is a 5 bdr, 2 bathroom house with lots of light and a cute backyard courtyard jungle. We’re conveniently located a 7 minute walk between Newtown and St Peter’s station, and a 1 minute stroll to King St. Your room is located on the ground floor and you’ll be sharing a huge bathroom with two other people. 🤝 About the Housemates: Gabriel (25) working full time at eucalyptus, runs a little ad agency on the side. Loves art, techno and ClassPass trials. Maja (23) works full time as a strategy consultant, loves travelling, music and trying new restaurants. New Years reso is to get a scuba license. Alisa (20) working full-time @ Canopy Study whilst studying computer science @ usyd. Loves hacking on side projects, watching sci-fi movies/shows, & getting bubble tea. Anubhav (23) Getting together is rare but when we are all together it’s lovely and we get on like a house on fire. Everyone is super respectful of space and respectful in general. We do have the odd party every now and again but we’re not a huge party house and respect each other’s work schedule throughout the week. 🥰 About You: Early to mid-twenties. Can keep communal areas clean. Respectful of space and privacy. Bonus bonus points if you’re in tech, wanting to break into tech or have an interest in startups (not necessary at all) but you’d really find some benefit to this house. If you think you fit the bill, send me a message with a bit about yourself and we’ll take it from there.


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