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Hello☺️ I have a room available in a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment in the West End. Room available now, fully furnished room with bills included. This place is amazing, pool, gym, and massive outdoor bbq areas, like a little tropical oasis in West End. I am looking for a female house mate, working full time or equivalent. Someone simlar of age, 30s up😊. Happy to a accept short term roomies too. When messaging me please tell me about yourself. Recommendation to have a profile created with flatmates, super helpful to see if my home could be your home too😊 Include info like age, profession and what you get up to in your spare time. I have all furniture, and your room is furnished with a Queen size bed, linen ,towels, bedside table and lamp. Your potential room is a great size, and has built in wardrobes and aircon too. I do some puppy sitting here and there, just 1 at a time. Don't worry no great Danes ha ha, but I hope you don't mind a furry friend around sometimes, no responsibility on you. One of the reasons I like these apartments, is because it's ideal for sharing, rooms on either side of the apartment, 2 bathrooms, and decent sized rooms. Looking for a friendly, chilled, and tidy roomie. I live quite a busy lifestyle, working full time as a recruitment consultant, so it's important our home is kept clean and chilled ☺️ No party animals sorry haha, but don't worry I still love having a drink and being social. I'm looking forward to finding a roomie that I get on with and can be mates too. To move in you will need to provide 2 weeks in advance and 2 weeks bond. Car park available, for $50 extra a week or there is street parking, but can be challenging ! You will need to fill out application form and be approved by realestate to become a authorised tenant. Happy to meet for coffee and chat further ☺️

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