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This house is in a super convent location. 1 minute walk to the train station (3 stops away from the CBD) but it's on the other side of the block so you can't hear the trains in the house. 30 second walk to Greville street, 1 minute walk to Chapel Street (so convenient for nights out), 4 minute walk to trams that take you into the city. Any shop or thing you might want to do is incredibly close and convenient. The best part is that we live across from a little park so it doesn't feel like you're living too close to the action. The house itself is a terrace house with high ceilings which makes it feel like you have heaps of space (which you do because and you do because the room is huge). Very thick walls which is great if you want to chill or sleep in and block out any noise. A nice little backyard area with a table to sit at, cosy lounge room with a smart tv, and plenty of space in the lounge and kitchen. * PS. I will move my drum kit out and all my clothes and any other possessions before you move in * About us: We're all very friendly, we love a good laugh and making the house a social place to hangout, but we also respect that people's need for quiet and privacy. We're pretty tidy but we aren't anal about it. This isn't the first time we have had someone from Australia or overseas stay in one of our rooms (one girl from Brazil, two Irish dudes) and it has worked out great and we're still friends with those people so we're keen to do it again. Me (23) - I'm the guy who's room you'll be taking so you probably don't need to know much about me other than that I kept the room very clean and nice for you. I'm about to finish my undergrad in Psychology and Philosophy at Melbourne Uni, I love music, soccer, going to the gym, and hanging out with my friends. I'm going to Europe in July and I'm looking for someone to take my room while I'm gone (until the end of January). Callan (23) - Studying design at Swinburne uni, musician, loves a good night out, really nice guy Brendan (22) - Studying information Health Management at Latrobe, funny guy, loves the gym and a big night out new girl - I don't know much about her because she's still in the process of moving in and I wasn't involved in finding her, But from what I've heard and the few interactions she seems great. She's an international student studying at Melbourne Uni

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