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About the house

Bedroom available for approved tenant arrangement. Room is available right now. The rent is $500pw (your half $250) Bond is 2 weeks rent. ($500) The rent has just been raised so will stay the same for the next 12 months. Stay length 6 months+ preferred Ideal roomate is Full time employed, reliable and easy going. Preferably Male but will consider females. The house is a high-set single level, 3 bedroom with air conditioning in the living room and wooden floors throughout. The area is fairly peaceful and is not far from the city with a supermarket close-by. The bedroom available has 3 windows and a ceiling fan. The room measures 264x400cm. There is a spare mirror and clothes rack which you may use otherwise I can store it away.. It has a shared bathroom inside the house but an extra toilet room outside along with a laundry room. The house has the necessary appliances already like refrigerator, gas stove/oven, Washing machine, microwave and dishwasher. The house has a moderate sized yard with clothesline. It has a single car driveway so parking on the street may often be required. The house is located next to a commercial tennis court which often has people playing, sometimes until around 9pm. The tennis court is operated by the landlord who lives next door. He has requested no dogs staying permanently at the property since it disturbs his patrons, temporary is ok. Bills for Gas, power, lawncare and internet are separate from rent. Water included in rent. Typical bill amounts are: Power ~$90 per month (your half ~$45) Gas ~$180 per quarter (your half ~$90) Internet ~$75 per month (your half ~$37.5) Lawncare $55 approx. every 6 weeks. (your half $27.5) INSPECTIONS AVAILABLE MOST WEEKENDS About me: I'm a 35yo single male, Employed full time. I work at a small business as a supervisor and administrator. I'm from Brisbane. My interests include Tabletop games, gym and 3d modelling. On the weekend I'm mostly at home relaxing or working on a hobby project. I also meal prep all my weeks meals on Sunday mornings. I'm fairly tidy and don't make a lot of noise. I don't smoke and would prefer a non-smoking roommate. I'm fairly social and easy going and respectful of others space. I often mind my parents dog so It's best if you are not allergic and like dogs.


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