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A large room with included furnishings overlooking a backyard in the trees. The backyard is pretty decent with lots of places to chill under the big tree leaves for shade in summer but also to sunbake. Plenty of outdoor tables and umbrellas and chairs for relaxing and entertaining. About 15-20 minutes walk into Eltham town and the train station through a park at the end of the road, a bit shorter if you beeline up main road. Around the corner (< 5 mins) from a really good coffee shop (Zen Den) and a really good pizza/pasta place and the Eltham Hotel. 902 bus at the end of the street (goes to Doncaster Westfield in one direction, Greensborough in the other), a few other routes too (e.g. 513 that goes to Heidelberg and Preston via Bell st). We are the last street of the suburban zone of Eltham. If you walk about 15 minutes away from Eltham through the bushy Montsalvat area, you end up at the Yarra River and some lovely walks through the trees. 5 minutes walk away from the Leisure Centre as well. All bills included. There is internet. Very fast internet - the fastest you can buy (just measured at 937 Mbps) - as I need it to work with big data. There is reliable 5G wifi upstairs to the room although we can run an ethernet cable also from the next room if you really want hyperspeed. I am Michael, 44, an astronomer who works for a global telescope company in California. So, yes, mostly from home (from my own private room, not in the living space!) although I do also travel internationally a bit. There is also my son (7 years old) who lives here half the time. We have a relatively large bedroom spare to rent out to someone. Perhaps you? I'm a fairly relaxed person and lived in share houses for a couple of decades before getting my own house (this one), so very used to sharing space. I work quite a lot and tap away in the office most of the work day and sometimes night (astronomy happens in the dark). I like wandering through the local parks to relax, I go on a few walks a day. I like travelling and exploring, so I do tend to be away for chunks of time here and there, both around Australia and internationally. Generally pretty chilled. The house has split system aircons in all bedrooms and the loungerooms. They are automated and keep the house both warm and cool throughout the year. If it is 40 degrees outside, it is roughly 20 inside, if it is -2 outside, it is roughly 20 inside. Pretty nice. The bedroom has it’s own aircon and you can program it however you like to suit your own temperature profile. The room also has it’s own air purifier - pretty nice to keep dust out of the air but super useful when there are fires about! The room has a queen size bed and built in robes and a desk and chair and bedside tables which you can feel free to use. It also gets a lot of sun if thats your thing (it faces north into the backyard and a bunch of trees), but the curtains also are close to blackout curtains as well…. You can see my precision work there. It is on the opposite side of the house from the road so quiet as well Free coffee! I have an electric bean grinder and a good coffee machine. Free because it would be a hassle to swap beans out ;) Also some other bulk free stuff like TP, dishwasher tablets, laundry powder etc. No point buying separate stuff. Also you are welcome to use the house Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Stan, Youtube Premium accounts on the main tv and your own device/s. Also we have an online The Age, New Scientist and New York Times subscriptions. Once a fortnight I do a giant clean of the house, so it is regularly quite clean, however my son loves to build big train tracks around the living room that are set up when he is here so thats a thing. We have a large 8kg washing machine and an 8kg heat pump dryer both pretty new. We have a LOT of solar panels and the heat pump dryer doesn’t use a lot of electricity, so thats the main drying approach.. we have zero hills hoists. We have a deck that can be entirely closed up or opened up depending on the weather and heated and cooled when necessary as well as lots of outside furniture and umbrellas and such. There are two cats (who don’t come into the main house) who may be lounging out there or in the backyard. If that sounds like it has your name on it, get in contact!


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