Sharehouse Joins Proptech Association of Australia

Sharehouse Joins Proptech Association of Australia



We are thrilled to announce that Sharehouse has recently joined The Proptech Association of Australia, a national member association dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the emerging proptech industry. As a leading Australian flatmate finder platform, Sharehouse is excited to collaborate with other innovative startups and industry leaders in the proptech space.

The current proptech space is dominated by businesses catering towards Property Owners, Building Developers, Investors and Real Estate Agencies.

We are proud to represent Tenants and Renters in the proptech space, with our mission to make renting easier, more affordable and more accessible.

Sharehouse is committed to contributing to the growth and success of the proptech industry in the country. By joining The Proptech Association of Australia, we aim to work alongside other homegrown startups and established businesses to drive innovation and make a positive impact on Australia’s rental market.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you and working together to shape the future of property technology in Australia.

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